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Watches: A Beginners Guide to Online Resources

More than anything else, the Swiss are known for their watches (well, that and chocolate). And for good reason. Swiss watches are meticulously crafted, with dozens and in some cases hundreds of movements, or components. It’s not uncommon for Swiss watch prices to reach into the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and once you realize the craftsmanship involved, it’s not hard to see why (even if you still can’t afford one).

Over the years, I’ve translated a number of texts for Swiss watchmakers and the luxury stores that sell them. One thing I’ve realized is that if you’re working on a translation about watches, you’ll need to have access to good resources. Here are some of the most useful resources I’ve found: First, here are some links to good sites with info about the history of watchmaking:


And for more detailed information about how these complex timepieces are made, check out these links:

As you can tell from the information provided by these watch links, there’s a lot that goes into a quality timepiece. Their complexity and their beauty are part of what makes Swiss watches so alluring to so many people.

And if you need help with a translation involving Swiss watches or other luxury items, feel free to get in touch with me to see how my experience in this area can help you with your project. I have nearly two decades’ experience working with Swiss and other demanding clients to make sure their projects are completed on time and to the highest standards – the same exacting standards the world has come to expect from Swiss watchmakers.

Do you know some more good watch resources? Feel free to add them in the comments!

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