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Make your prose shine. With the help of a professional editor.

After all the hard work you’ve put into your text (whether it’s a white paper, a blog post or anything else – in print or digital), it would be a shame for the pubic to see an error. And spellchecker won’t catch all of these miss steaks either, so you can’t rely on it. You need a professional to make sure your text shines. Here are three ways a professional editor can help you:

1. Spot errors a spell checker won’t catch. Sure you can use your document processor to catch basic typos, but it won’t catch words you’ve spelled correctly – but are not the ones you intended to use (do you really enjoy pubic speaking?). A good human editor will catch these types of mistakes and save you plenty of embarrassment down the road.

2. Another thing computer programs can’t do is tell you when you’ve omitted material or put it in the wrong place. This sort of mistake can happen with longer documents in particular, especially when they’ve gone through numerous rounds of edits among a large group of people under tight deadlines.

3. Finally, there is in-depth editing to make sure you’re saying what you mean to say and that you’re doing so in the best way possible. This type of editing service – also called developmental editing – is best done at an early stage. It can really help when you need to make sure you’re getting your ideas across in the most effective way possible.

Whatever type of editing you need and ultimately choose, make sure you work with a qualified professional. I have more than two decades’ experience helping authors – of all types of texts, from blog posts to white papers to books – put their best foot forward so they can communicate their ideas and achieve their goals – from higher sales to communicating information to key stakeholders.

If you have an important project you need edited, contact me to see how I can help your prose shine.

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