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I specialize in translating from German and Spanish into English in select fields where I have proven expertise, including legal, financial, marketing and advertising. In addition, I have experience translating documents related to the environment, renewable energy, sustainability and international development. Note that I only translate in areas where I have both training and experience – to ensure the highest quality of the final product.


If you’re looking for translations in different language combinations, I also partner with a small network of trusted colleagues who translate from French and Italian into English as well as those who work from English into German, French, Italian and Spanish. All translation work undergoes a two-step process that includes a review to ensure top quality.


In addition to translation, I also offer transcreation. Transcreation involves taking account of both linguistic and cultural aspects of translation to ensure that your message not only sounds right to your target audience, but also that it meets their cultural expectations and appeals to them on a deeper level.


Why we should work together to make sure your translation project is a success:


I have two decades of experience in translating highly specialized texts in the financial, legal, marketing and advertising fields. In addition to my experience in these areas, I have also worked in the areas of the environment, renewable energy, sustainability and international development.


I only translate from German and Spanish into English, which is my native language, so you can be sure that the language is not only correct, but also that’s it’s idiomatic (and always uses the right tone – formal or informal.


Every translation project I work on goes through a two-step process that includes the translation itself and a review by another translator to ensure the highest quality of the final document in all respects.


I have training and experience in a wide range of fields (including a stint teaching translation at New York University), but I won't work in the areas where I don't have in-depth knowledge or significant practical experience. That way you can be sure I understand your project and get it right.


I have an extensive network of professionals who translate from and into other languages if you need a document translated in a language combination other than German or Spanish into English (such as German into French or English into Spanish.

Get in touch with me today to request a free, no-obligation quote for your translation project and see how I can help you get the results you’re looking for.

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