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Bridge the gap between cultures

Transcreation services
Communicate ideas, not just words


Sometimes you need more than just simple translation of a text because of cultural differences (for example, baseball metaphors in a text translated into French may not be easily understood by the target audience). In cases like this, you may want to consider transcreation. As part of the transcreation process the text is not simply translated into the target language, but adapted, with any culturally-specific references modified to fit the needs and expectations of the intended readers.

In some cases, this may even mean reading the original text and starting all over again. This requires not only an ear for language, but also a skilled approach to writing and an understanding of both the source and target markets. Transcreation is a powerful tool for conveying complex messages in a variety of fields, including marketing and advertising.

Here are five ways I can help you get your message across more clearly with transcreation:


I have two decades of experience working with highly specialized texts in the financial, legal, marketing and advertising fields. Not only can I understand the source text, but I also know the nuances of the target language and can make adjustments where necessary to ensure the success of the deliverable based on the client's expectations.


I only work from German and Spanish into English, which is my native language, so you can be sure that the language is not only correct, but also that’s it’s idiomatic (and always uses the right tone – formal or informal.


Every transcreation project I work on goes through a multi-step process that includes a brief to get the client's specifications, a first draft and a review followed by a second draft, if necessary, to ensure the highest quality of the final document.


I have training and experience in a wide range of fields (including a stint teaching translation at New York University), but I won't work in the areas where I don't have in-depth knowledge or significant practical experience. That way you can be sure I understand your project and get it right.


I have an extensive network of professionals who translate from and into other languages if you need a document transcreated in a language combination other than German or Spanish into English (such as German into French or English into Spanish.

Get in touch with me today to request a free, no-obligation quote for your transcreation project and see how I can help you get the results you’re looking for.

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