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Editing services

Make sure what you've written is crystal clear

Have you written a text (a report or a marketing communication, say), but you’re not sure it says exactly what you want it to? Or do you want to polish it up a bit? Then let me edit it for you.


I have over two decades of experience helping authors of a wide range of texts – from basic to complex – to tighten their prose and make sure that it reads as well as possible. That way you can focus on your product or service rather than the words you use to describe them.


Here are five ways I can help ensure the success of your editing project.


I have more than two decades of experience. Over this time, I’ve honed my editing skills at some of the top publishers in Boston and New York, including Houghton Mifflin and Oxford University Press. So you can be sure that your text will be both elegant and effective.


I specialize in a few select fields, including financial, legal and marketing and advertising, so I’m very familiar with the subject matter and can make sure it is both correct and flows well.


I continue to expand and deepen my knowledge of the fields I work in through online coursework and webinars to ensure that I’m aware of the latest information. As a result, I’m on top of the latest topics and terminology.


I place particular emphasis on style so your text will sound professional and highly polished. So you can be sure you’re putting your best foot forward.


I’m meticulous and detailed-oriented, so you can be sure your project corresponds to your specifications and meets all of your expectations.

Get in touch with me today to request a free, no-obligation quote for your editing project and see how I can help you get the results you’re looking for.

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